Celebrations on the Low FODMAP Diet

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Emma Hatcher


12 Jul 2018

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Celebrations on the Low FODMAP Diet

I love getting together with my family and friends and from big barbeques in the summer; right through to feasts at Christmas, food always plays a big part in the event.

When you’re on the Low FODMAP Diet however, it can be easy to feel isolated when you can’t enjoy the same food as everyone else. There’s also nothing worse than feeling like you’re making trouble for hosts, by bringing your intolerances along to the party, having to ask lots of questions and seeming fussy.

But this doesn’t have to be the case! You deserve to eat delicious dishes just the same as everybody else and with a few conversations and a bit of preparation in the kitchen, can do just that.

If somebody else is throwing the celebration, I’ll always the host if I can bring a suitable dish to their party, so that I’ll have something to eat in the event everything else is packed full of FODMAPs. Whether it’s a distant friend or a close family member, a quick phone call or text is all it takes to explain your situation. They’ll want you to enjoy yourself, so be patient and open and it might be that with a few easy switches they can adapt planned dishes so that you can eat more than before.

If you’re hosting, you’ve got a lot more space to play. Experiment with dishes you love and show others that eating low FODMAP doesn’t have to be bland or boring! Start new food traditions that your family and friends will remember.

Here are some of my favourite low FODMAP recipes for different occasions that are guaranteed to please a crowd.

Lo-Fo Pantry Chocolate Cake. Nothing bad can come from having a last-minute chocolate cake recipe up your sleeve. Whip this baby out for birthdays, graduations and unexpected dinner parties.

Lo-Fo Pantry 4th of July Butter Cake. Throwing a party for Independence Day? Try this 4th of July cake that tastes so delicious your guests will struggle to believe it’s not from a bakery. Old Glory never looked so good!

Lo-Fo Pantry Pumpkin Pie. The whole family can enjoy this classic, creamy, sweet-savoury dessert at your Thanksgiving feast. Try topped with whipped coconut cream or lactose-free ice-cream.

Lo-Fo Pantry Baked Doughnuts. I love puddings that people can help themselves too. Decorate these with different icings, or offer different dipping sauces to make them extra special.

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